New Moon Solar Eclipse 10.6.2021

I love planets, moons, star constellations. It connects us and influences our feelings, potentials and perspectives. “As above, so bellow.” The macrocosm and the microcosmos are connected crating the whole Universe together.

I found my sacred place and time today and asked my readings cards for messages for today’s New moon Solar Eclipse.

My reading cards;

Liquid Crystal (Justin Moikeha Asar)

Earth Warriors (Alana Fairchild) .

Smoky Quartz – Earth Light – The Master Crystal Deva Uran-om-el

“With Smoky Quartz on our side we have a constant reminder of the divinity that lives in physicality, and the blinding light that we ourselves represent in the Universe. It encourages us to let go of our past and continue our journey forward, focused, with a thirst for life and the changes that it offers, without getting pulled off course by the smaller complexities.”

5. Circle Cross of Tenan – Rare Intersection of Heaven and Earth

“Your plans and purpose are aligned with greater cosmic forces. Whatever you see it coming or not, things will fall into place and what you have been working toward will come to fruition. Fear not. Be Faithful. All is well.”

  • The hawk is typically a solar creature, thriving in the light, and yet some hawks can hunt by night. You are like the rare lunar hawk, can move through the darkness successfully. You have enough spiritual light within you to see your way through the darkness. Such an accurate card for today.

6.Palhik Mana – Medicine of the Butterfly Kachina

“On wings of hope, Butterfly Kachina guides you through and ending to the light of new life within. It is your transition into a happier time, of increased pleasure and delight. Especially if you have experiences great struggle or loss, the spirit medicine of Butterfly brings hopeful promise to your heart. Here is your sign that there will be happiness, peace and light. Trust in the goodness being birthed”

  • Another beautiful card for today’s New Moon. Everything what you went though, made you strong and person you are today. Do not regret or judge yourself or any other or wish that things had been different. You have been learning and growing. It is time to spread your wings – Butterfly – become new and let the past fall away, because the person you once were no longer exists.

I can see such connection and alignment through all three cards. Smoky Quartz is on our side to remind us our Divinity, to encourage us let go of our past. Our plans and purposes are aligned and we need to trust us and Divine plan too. We are changing, evolving and learning to become who we are meant to be. Be Brave enough to be yourself. Be free.

I am sending Love, Peace and Joy.


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