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The Inner Beauty Ceremony

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Moya Deva

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Combination of Plant and Mineral Kingdom to assist your Inner Beauty Flourish.

Moya Deva Creative Workshops and Arts

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Deva “the shining one" is said to be nature spirit, starting at the root of what it is to become. As above, so is below, both are intricate in our human evolution. In essence it is a journey and a healing to become spiritually whole and when we apply the ancient and still used modality of crystals we accelerate our awareness as well as our transformation to attain our devic whole. 

Moya means "My" in my native language, "Moya Deva" - be your own shining spirit, discover and flourish your inner beauty with the guidance and help from Plant and Mineral Kingdom. 

All products Moya Deva are handmade in Perth Hills, Western Australia with love.


The candles I just bought from Julia smelt amazing. Heavenly, actually.

The scent gives off a relaxing aroma. As soon as I smelt the candles, I felt instant relief.

They're infused with herbs, flowers and crystals so they looked so lovely. They're such gorgeous creations. The heart-shaped crystal and rose buds will also be perfect for Valentine's Day.

It was very lovely of Julia to accommodate my requests to customize the candles at such short notice. She's truly heaven-sent.

The beautiful candle from Moya Deva has become a decadent part of my daily self care routine. A beautiful fragrance fills by bathroom by day and at night I'm treated to peaceful bliss when I light the candle!

I love the smell, the appearance and know that it is made with love and contains no nasties.

Highly recommend you bring some Moya Deva into your life for some peace and self love

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